Is it weird that I want my hair to be the color of Meryl Streep’s hair in “Into the Woods”?

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i’m on an a rollercoaster that only goes straight down to hell where i belong

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"Being raised in an unstable household makes you understand that the world doesn’t exist to accommodate you, which… is something a lot of people struggle to understand well into their adulthood. It makes you realize how quickly a situation can shift, how danger really is everywhere. But crises when the occur, do not catch you off guard; you have never believed you lived under a shelter of some essential benevolence. And an unstable childhood makes you appreciate calmness and not crave excitement."

- Curtis Sittenfeld (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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Into The Woods 

Teaser & pictures :

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Peter Parker sucks at cosplay

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' I'm Dead. Wanna Hook Up? '

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I’m honestly such a sucker for fan-made movie posters. 

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Some Marcy and p bubs doodles that i’ll never finish.

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